"To draw forth from within"

Find your centre. Honour your soul.


Having found my practice during my doctoral studies, I have found yoga to be a grounding tool to find calmness in an urban jungle. I think it is important to strike a balance between guiding students through poses and encouraging them to playfully find their edge while honouring their bodies.

I enjoy weaving yoga philosophy into the understanding of the practice to challenges students both mentally and physically. I strongly feel that yoga is an environment where we get to explore all angles of self - physical, mental emotional and spiritual – to fully nourish our minds and souls.

Let's breathe together on the mat

Classes & Teaching

Dheeya is so thoughtful in every class she teaches, tailoring them to the level, range, and preferences of her students each time. She strikes the perfect balance between guiding me through the poses and encouraging me push my limits but also honor my body. All in all, she’s a wonderful teacher that will take you on a meaningful journey throughout each class!