Dheeya is a PhD candidate in Health Economics at the Department of Economics and Public Policy at Imperial College Business School (Imperial College London) since September 2016.  She is affiliated with the Centre for Health Economics, and Policy Innovation (CHEPI).

Her current research focuses on identifying the impact of environmental conditions on human health and health systems. Her PhD is supervised by Dr. Marisa Miraldo and Dr. Laure de Preux of Imperial College Business School (Imperial College London).

Before the start of her PhD, she worked in the Health Emergencies Planning Team at the World Health Organization (WHO, Geneva) for the 2016 Zika and Yellow Fever Emergencies, following which she continued at WHO as a Technical Officer (Health Emergencies Operations) for the 2016 Angolan Yellow Fever Emergency. Her previous experience also includes The Carbon Trust [U.K.], The Millennium Project, Akasaa [Malaysia], and Perdana University of Graduate Medicine [Malaysia].

PhD Candidate, Health Economics

Imperial College Business School